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New Target Electronics Brand Aimed At Millenials, Generation Z

USA 6 days ago CBS Minnesota 0

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Target has its eyes set on a new generation. The Minneapolis-based company just launched a new line of accessories for all of your electronics aimed at younger customers — specifically, millenials and Generation Z.

Between Netflix and department stores, we’ve seen the kind of buying power millennials have — and that won’t stop anytime soon. Nielsen data shows millennials and Generation Z together make up 48 percent of the population.

So what makes Generation Z — those born between 1997 and 2015 — different?

They’re the first people in history to grow up fully immersed in technology, which is why Target launched its new brand catered to the smartphone and Apple Watch user on the go. They use sleek designs, minimal selection, and keep it relatively affordable — cell phone cases start at $10, portable charger run $8 to $10, and $20 for Bluetooth speakers.

That’s pretty unique for Target, especially since research shows the younger consumers tend to factor in a lot of other things before price.

“Convenience and quality probably,” one young Target customer said. “I think it’s, like, slightly more expensive than some of the other stores like it, but I think it’s worth it.”

So the question now is, what’s next to change? That affects everyone’s shopping habits, no matter how old you are, as we learn the stores we may love just can’t compete.

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